Apple pear infused brandy and liquor

I am making apple/pear infused Brandy for my birthday
1000ml of brandy
1 Fuji apple
2 honey crisp apples
1 small pear

Peeled the apples and sliced everything very thin and put it in a large jar with a seal with the brandy.
I will shake it 3-4 times a day til my birthday in 18 days and rebottle 750ml as is in a lovely bottle I have and the rest I will make into a sweet liquor with brown sugar caramel bar sauce.

Brown Sugar Caramel bar sauce:

In a large sauce pan put 1.5 cups dark brown sugar and melt over low heat until totally smooth and slightly darkened
Bring 2 cups water to just under a boil and slowly add to the melted sugar, stirring the entire time until the sugar is melted.
Allow to cool and pour into a clean jar.

Add the caramel syrup to infused brandy to taste.


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