My answer to “when does happily ever after start?”

This was asked on line and I was tired enough to think I could answer.

“I think the problem is one of looking for the wrong thing. Really you just have to work towards you “happily enjoying Now” not your “Happily ever after”
I can’t promise you will find it, I can promise that you have to work towards it, do what it takes to be the person You want to be…do what it takes to live a life you are proud of in a way you are proud of, treat others right and accept nothing less from others.
Write a list of EVERYTHING that you think will make you happy.
Want a person in your life? Write a list of every trait you dream of them having, same with your dream job, house, car…now look at the list and ask yourself if you really need each item to be happy.
“Treats me with respect” non negotiable
“house with in ground pool” pretty negotiable
Remove what you don’t need, focus on the non negotiable stuff, imagine it coming to you, imagine what it will take to earn it….
Focus again on being the best person you can be by your own definition and maybe it will happen.
Maybe it won’t
But I would rather face looking for happily ever after as the person I want to be instead of the person I am just stuck being and not proud of”


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