Food restrictions

There are times I get very down about my dietary restrictions and of course that brings up monstrous levels of guilt, which in turns makes everything worse.
Food was always a huge stress (and boredom) reliever for me and now I don’t have that option the way I did before.  Not only can I not eat much quantity wise but the things I can eat are severely limited.
I personally can’t eat anything with Gluten in it which is anything with wheat, rye or barley and since I can barely handle any simple carbohydrates with out extreme discomfort especially in baked goods that gets rid of almost anything baked, rice, pasta and most grains. Even quinoa which I love is too dense for my stomach to handle.
On top of simple carbs I also really can’t handle fiber in most forms so really next to no fruit or vegetables either.
What does that leave?
Meat and dairy.
Oh and if it is too fatty I get “gutty” despite needing a certain amount in my diet, and if it is too dry a meat I can’t eat it because I end up sick to my stomach.
And then there is the cost but the less said about that the better except it is another source of guilt…I thought our food budget would go down, not up.
I end up giving in to chocolate when i am depressed then paying the cost because unlike baked or high fiber stuff all it does is give me gas but not doubled over pain.
Mind you the gas is humiliating but I can usually live with it by avoiding people which sadly makes me feel isolated.
I would not go back to how I was but there are times when I just feel as if I can’t win where food is concerned.
Not every person who had my form of Weight Loss Surgery (Duodenal Switch) has as many problems with food as I do but then many have other issues with health or diet that I don’t.
I love being healthier but there are times I wonder if my inability to focus is related to a lack of healthy carbs and fats.


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