13 More facts about me, AdultADD and Entertainment

(1) I have a severe and I feel worsening case of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder, I used to be able to concentrate on a single thing for hours on end and now I can’t.

(2) I don’t watch TV, and haven’t for years, I have gone through long phases (years) over the last 15 years where I don’t watch it, then will again for a while then don’t for 3 or 4 years. The last bout of non watching is going on 5 years

(3) I don’t watch TV not because I am So cool or whatever but because I am both easily addicted to TV and find myself staring blindly at it but because I have severe adult ADD and have a very hard time paying attention to more that a short amount of TV.

(4) I don’t even use our Netflix because of my general inability to concentrate or stay interested in a series and I sort of regret it because there are many nerdy, sf, fantasy inspired shows I would like to watch

(5) along with TV it is very hard for me to enjoy a movie even in a theater unless it is high action and very fast paced and really good or it will lose my attention, again I see this as a failing on my part

(6) because of this I actually have little clue who most famous and pop culture people are which can make being on line very confusing.

(7) it has actually become hard for me to read for long periods of time or to stay interested in most book, they need to be funny, well written and stay interesting all the way through or there is a 50/50 chance every time I put it down I won’t finish it

(8) I used to be a voracious reader and finished the first 5 Harry Potter books in 3 days and one year read 310 books, I can’t do that any more

(9) I read articles on line every day on many different subjects and I know that I am not stupid but I worry a lot about my inability to concentrate or focus on things for long.

(10) during different times of the year it is easier than others to concentrate and focus and at those times Im better able to enjoy reading and crafting

(11) I have tried many methods to improve my concentration both physical and mental…they haven’t helped But I keep trying different ones

(12) I am hoping as I become more physically active my ability to think clearly and concentrate will improve as I have read that it can help.

(13) not being able to think clearly feels at times as if my brain is always just on the edge of a headache but then that has been the way it has been off and on for a very long time


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