Busy freaking day shopping

Today was payday so I had to do tons of shopping to do, because I need to get the best deals I often have to go to more than one place, today was non stop walking in different huge stores.
I not only got amazing deals and probably spent too much but I most likely walked about 4 miles (because of the way my body moves I really can’t use a pedometer and I have tried a lot of them, GPS ones don’t work in stores well)
I wanted to go to the Y to work out today but Alex pointed out last night was hard and all I did was ride for 2 miles and walk for a little over 1 and today was bound to be worse.
I know that it is going to be a hard night, my body is going to make me pay for all I did today but you know what?
It is worth it, it may be a long time before these night spasms stop happening every night and get worse when I work out or get exhausted, it may never actually stop because of the nerve damage but I am not going to stop moving, I am not going to stop walking every step I can, working out as much as I can.
I am not going to stop moving and bending either of my knees no matter how much my left leg protests.
I am not going to give up, because whether I do or don’t there will be pain and if more pain is a sign I kept moving then I will deal with it.
I dream about a time when I don’t only have a night without pain but when I am pain free without drugs, without cutting back on my exercise and when it has been so long without night agony that I don’t spend all evening dreading it


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