13 facts about me

#1. My middle name Was Christine but when I married I messed up trying to change it to my Maiden Name so my middle Names are C. Headlee (just C.)

#2 I didn’t learn to drive til I was nearly 23 I never had a real reason to do so as I lived near downtown and stores

#3 I had 15 jobs in one year, only 10 were temp jobs

#4 I am married to a man 16 years my Jr.

#5 by the time my husband was born I had quit 10th grade and gotten my GED in the 98th percentile (equivalent to 12th grade 9th month)

#6 I had been told in 6 grade I had a high IQ and again in 8th but I was so bad at school I thought I was stupid even after seeing the results of my GED

#7 I had so little faith in my self I allowed myself to be talked out of doing academics and went to vocational school which I hated and was not good at (learning to run day cares)

#8 I was so bad with the kids during training because of something like PTSD from all the horrible ways other kids treated me from very early on that I still feel like a horrible person around kids and try too hard

#9 I have been on TV as a super sized model twice, I was flown to NYC and treated really well

#10 I once had a fan group on Yahoo when I was a super sized BBW model with over 1400 members…I still thought I was ugly

#11 I put off getting weight loss surgery for over 5 years, I think if I had had it sooner I would not have done well, it worked out just right.

#12 it may seem at times I am depressed or don’t like myself much but that isn’t really true. I spent most of my life despising myself and suicidally depressed and hating life. I have bad days and still get down but every day I have reasons to smile and I have never been happier.

#13 for the first time in my life I enjoy house cleaning and getting organized unfortunately I don’t always have the physical ability to keep up with what I want to do but this is the cleanest, most organized my house has ever been


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