That doesn’t really help you know.

Telling someone who is depressed how other people have it so much worse doesn’t help, all it does is make them feel worse about themselves
“Wow I was feeling depressed and now I see from what you keep saying that other people do have it worse than I do so now I am depressed AND I realize I am also a worthless whiney selfish ungrateful bitch on top of it all….thank you so much”

This is how depression works…I KNOW in my heart of hearts that I can gain and lose 5 pounds in a day or so, a few day ago I was 183 now I am 188. I know chances are I will be 183 again in a few days because that is how it works.
I can even tell myself and others that and it makes sense BUT to my S.A.D. affected mind I still feel huge and worthless (mind you that is still like 270+ pounds smaller than I was)
And worse is I KNOW why I feel this way but I can’t get past it.
I know all the biological reasons and I am working to fix it (haven’t missed meds in 3 weeks and doing light therapy as prescribed) but that doesn’t make me no feel what I feel.


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