I wish we had never gotten another cat

The cat situation is still stressing me out, she stalks him around the house, even when he hides away where she never needs to see him she hunts him down.  He is getting so nervous and she just won’t stop.  Tomorrow will be a week since we brought her out and the shelter says it may take a month or more for her to stop but both Poe and I are getting stressed beyond reason.  He can’t go to eat or just from one spot to another without her jumping him.
I am getting so pissed at her, I want to love her too but right now it is hard to even like her.
Poe is such a mellow kitty and he doesn’t deserve this but we signed a contract saying we would keep her 6 months…things need to change or it will be a very long 6 months and both Poe and I will end up sick from the stress


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