Can I get 226 items to donate to the food bank by Dec 15th?

My friends and family have stood beside me and cheered me on through my weight loss and my knee replacements surgeries and I am hoping they can help me celebrate having lost 226 pounds from what I weighed the day I had my weight loss surgery…I want to donate that many items of food to the Idaho food bank by Christmas this year.
I will put the word out through Christmas cards to the Family (guess those go out early this year)
As for my friends there are a variety of events coming up and will be asking my friends old and new to bring canned or dry food items to be donated by me.
In return at each event I will offer a raffle ticket for each person who brings something and at each event I will give away a journal and a necklace and earring set that is worth $20 that I made.
Let’s hope I can make it, I have 4 events figured out so far and more than enough jewelry but if I get enough chances to do it I will need to decorate more journals.

I got the idea from the Amazing Eggface who is doing it again this year


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