Unfucking the dresser and vanity tops

Hubby and I share the top of the dresser but his stuff keeps invading my side but since it is a 6 drawer dresser and he only uses 2 of them I decided most of my stuff can go in the drawer or in the case of the laptop I never use under the bed (unplugged).


I even washed the velvet runner on top and using some old dollar store containers gave Alex a specific place to put his stuff (the only things of his not still there were 2 small rolls of garbage bags for the bed side garbages and those are in his bed side drawers)



And my drawer


I removed a bunch of my make up and polishes and had put them in the bathroom on the vanity that had gotten pretty trashed with all the makeup I did for the many events we have gone to this last few weeks.


By this point my nerves were shot because we are trying to introduce our new cat to our big old boy kitty…she is not happy and he could care less but I kept having to listen to her growl at him and keep her from attacking and I had been standing for 35 mins because I did not want to leave them unsupervised. I took a 20 minute break while the cloth dried and when it was done put her back in the spare room like the shelter suggested so she could have some alone time.
I quickly organized the vanity as I had done it before so everything has a place to go and wiped down all the surfaces.


My make up is organized into a small 5 drawer plastic storage unit by lips, shadows, eye liner/mascara, foundation/blush and misc. So it makes it super simple to find where stuff goes and all my polishes are on the medicine chest shelf by color.
All together it was about an hour of puttering around while supervising cat introductions.


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