Naps vs cleaning


I don’t really mind being older other than aches and pains but I miss being able to blissfully take a nap in a messy room and think nothing of it.
Now I only feel mildly guilty about napping because I think I should be unfucking my house and not resting despite still healing from knee replacement despite the fact that it is really pretty fucking clean there is always something I SHOULD do like put some random thing away or dust or decorate for the holidays (yes I know it is the first week of Nov, don’t judge)
Unfortunately my legs are being wimpy after a 3 mile ride at the Y and 2 walks and the meds I took for my back spasms last night are still making me dopey so I will wait a few hours and try a few 20-10s (20 mins actively cleaning/tidying and 10 minutes sitting with my legs up)

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