Inner Brat vs inner babysitter

The fact is all humans are at their very core selfish children.
Really we all are, we all want what we want when we want it. Some people simply give in to their inner child and pout, tantrum and are even aggressive when they don’t get their way.
On the other hand some of us have better inner babysitters and can fake the fact that they basically resent the fuck out of having to be responsible and reasonable when so many others allow their inner spoiled rotten assholish brats to run free and so the ones with inner governesses can live life as “Adults”. 
Where do I fall in the spectrum of inner irresponsible, destructive brat and controlled but resentful inner governess?
Pretty damn near dead center actually.
I often fail to control my behavior and impulses as much as I might otherwise choose to do so but I actively fight against the inner brat (demons) that would rule my life if they could. I don’t always succeed but I am aware I must keep struggling and not give up trying to be a responsible adult about things like money and my health as well as in my interactions with others, or I will ruin my own life and damage the lives of others around me.
I could give up trying to be healthy, I resent that it is not easy for me so why do it? Well I am able to see that my actions have consequences both positive and negative and it is my choice which I choose.
I could spend every dime and go deep in debt but I am not the only person involved so I struggle all the time to control my impulses.
I do resent sometimes when others either have it super easy and never seem to struggle and I occasionally resent when others never even try to control their inner spoiled brats and as such impinge on me and others.
I choose to allow my inner babysitter to lead the way but I get the impression I may need to upgrade to a serious ruler welding inner governess if I actually want to control my own inner brat before I again lose control to the demon child I know lurks inside me.

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