Late night dusting

Couldn’t sleep so I made Alex come and help me strip the king size bed, flip the pad and put new sheets on it, using the sheet garters this time on the bottom which is where the sheet pulls loose.  They only cost a few dollars at Target and work great but I had to show Alex how to put them on since my hubby has never undone a garter belt…lol
We also sorted out all of the sheets and put the fitted king sheets in one double sized milk crate box, the pillow cases in a cloth cubby box and all of the flat sheets in another.  We also separated out the queen fitted for the air mattress and put it in a labeled ziploc.
Finally as I waited for the Gabapentin to start working (it stops leg spasms that I still get while laying down) I decided I might as well dust since I wasn’t going to lay down for 15 mins.
I used a old fuzzy sock piece to dust with and it worked wonders.


After cleaning 1 shelf


You can really see the difference with a single swipe. 


I removed each item and dusted under them then made sure to dust the stuff itself the reorganized it all on all 5 shelves


All of that took 15 minutes but the best part is I stood the entire time, just a year ago that would be hard but with the weight loss and knee replacements it is now easier than I imagine.  I always think it is going to be so difficult then I realize afterwards that it wasn’t hard at all.


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