I am going on a huge bike trip…at the YMCA Boise

The Y here in town has this personal challenge thing where you use the exercise bikes and keep track of the distance you ride over time and mark it down when you go as far as these Idaho cities.


The thing is I am planning an eventual (driving) road trip over to Seattle then down the Oregon coast and we have AAA so I can plan the trip and get a Trip Tik map set (a flip book full of small maps of each section of the trip) with each part of the route marked and measured out.


I may also got the Android app.


I am going to use those to keep track of all the riding I do this year. 
Right now I am slowly rebuilding my leg and knee strength so it will take time.  Currently I am riding about 20 mins as often as I can (last week was not good for riding) and my goal is to be up to 45 to 60 minutes 4 days a week minimum by April 23rd 2014…the 1 year anniversary of my first knee replacement.
I keep track on my phone in a notepad and will do a running total (so far I have just passed Nampa Idaho from Boise…lol)



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