November’s NaBloPoMo is Here! Let’s see if I can follow through this time

For the last 3 Novembers I have tried to do this and failed and of course today is insanely busy so this is my post for Nov 1st.
Today was my payday so there was early morning grocery shopping, gassing up the car, picking my brother and his wife up from the airport then going to breakfast followed by more shopping, getting Alex up, infusing cheap vodka and rum with Life Savers (Butter Rum and Orange Vodka with Vanilla) and Red Hots Vodka for a party.
Cooking, taking a 20 minute nap, loading the car and picking up my nephew and a friend and driving to a city about 15 miles from Boise called Nampa to hang out with friends at Shari’s restaurant for dinner then to the party the back to Boise to drop off my nephew and buy Alex sinus meds.
A lot of random small things that I could write about happened but the fact is my mind is cloudy with being tired and over caffeinated and I am lucky to finished this post.
Finally I am home and in bed and just need to sleep but I am still going to try to blog each day.


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