Low carb gluten free (paleo) meatballs

Made my first batch of 50 low carb meatballs (paleo) to freeze for my birthday. (Making 150-200 of the little bastards)
I found the Perfect 2 tbs coffee scoop actually that makes the job of forming easy…though they do end up slightly flat on one side as they bake…lol
For each pound of burger (20-27% fat content is best for tenderness, 15% is OK but super lean is not) add 1 egg and 1/4 of a cup of dry Parmesan cheese and season as you wish.
Mix it all together and scoop into baking pans in rows not touching each other.
Bake 20 mins at 350° and then turn the meatballs over and cook 10 more mins
To freeze remove from the baking dishes and put onto a cookie sheet in one layer and freeze, when they are totally frozen put them in a thick freezer bag with the air pushed out and freeze for up to 3 months
To cook thaw and put in sauce

3.35 pounds made 54 meatballs (yeah I ate 4 but I had to test them right)


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