Tights and plans to alter dresses

I just got 3 pack of black footless tights and they fit (the first ones I have been able to buy at a regular store since weight loss surgery). 1 pair each of plain, lace cuffed and rouched tights.
The only problem is with my post weight loss thighs (normal shaped calf’s and very big chicken leg thighs) I really need to wear them with dresses longer than knee length. The problem is most of my favorite dresses I have been able to get on clearance or thrift stores are above my knees, I will have to add some different materials on the bottom of them, semi sheer layers, satin, even light weight velvet.
Thankfully I have lots of material from when I got everything from grandma’s sewing room, most of which was mine anyway, and even from old dresses and the like.
My goal is to alter at least 3 dresses by the end of the year.


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