Disfunctional thought

This is how disfunctional thought works where pain and food are concerned…
I accident my ate gluten, forced myself to throw up but still ache all over and have a sore throat/ears from inflammation
Have barely touched chocolate all week and I am trying to stop eating sweets because they make me feel horrible in the long run
I get mad and depressed about gluten and how shitty I was treated at the store when I complained.
So what do I do?
Eat a king size candy bar worth if tiny Halloween chocolates and caramels and feel even worse and out of control.
I have had to realize that it isn’t that “being upset made me eat crappy stuff”
No, being upset just gave me an EXCUSE to try to convince myself to do what I know inside is wrong for me…so now the trick is to stop giving in to my own excuses.
Yeah so we start over, no more chocolate and be much more careful with processed foods and cut back all sugar.
If you fall down you can either rot in the mud or get up and clean yourself off and keep trying again and again.


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