Up and down day

This day has been very up and down…the first part was great, walked with mom, got dishes done, chili made, exercised at the Y, had coffee at Dawson’s with Alex.
Then came home and desperately wanted a nap but had to go to grandma’s to sort freezer stuff and bake cupcakes I can’t even taste because of gluten…then when I am dusting them with powdered sugar I drop a huge bin of the nasty stuff and BOOM, powder sugar Bomb all over. And I wanted to nap but ended up making rice crispy treats.  Also my face was itching from a lotion I tried so I scrubbed the crap out of it and it was raw all night
Then we went to two wonderful parties with great people but I kept feeling that I should be home.
Finally I have to rescrub my already tender skin to get my Halloween make-up off so it is raw then just as I lay down to relax and get ready for bed Life Alert calls and we rush over to grandma’s house and find out she has fallen…I have to call my mom and it took 4 of us to get a 150pound fragile old lady off the ground without breaking her bones.  She seems OK but I worry about her.
Now I am trying to relax but the worry about her and a sick friend has me wired up and stressed out and my legs are killing me…hopefully I can get to sleep soon.
Like I said very up and down all day.


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