Anxiety, what anxiety

Had my blood tests drawn today, 8 vials to see what might be wrong with me and it ends up that it might be anxiety.
There is so much I am anxious about right now, topping the list is grandma being sick, then ours and her financial situations, holidays, my health is a big one, not being able to help my friends and stay sane at the same time and pain.
Some of the symptoms that make me wonder if it is anxiety is the crashing random fatigue and the totally blitzed feeling every few days, the unreasonable sugar cravings and the increased pain and body aches.
Let’s hope being more aware of it will help as hopefully will being more serious about my vitamins and medicines will help. Also I am increasing the rate at which I work out, trying to get to the Y 5 days a week and walking at least a mile a day or more.
Because my body freaking out just as I start to get better from surgery and the sugar addiction are definitely adding stress I don’t need.


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