I think I may know what is causing this fatigue and sugar cravings

Just bought some sublingual Vitamin B12 …being deficient in that and Vitamin D can sap your energy, cause increased pain and muscle weakness and intense sugar cravings which heaven knows I have.
Plus B12 deficiency causes sores in the mouth and I feel as if I burned the roof of my mouth about 2 1/2 weeks ago and it just hasn’t healed.
The thing is I am starting to really really worry about my health.
For the last 5-6 weeks it seems that every second or third day I am totally wiped out, not just tired but sickeningly exhausted. I start out alright, tired but not too bad then a small exertion later I am shockingly worn out and feeling as if I over did cold medicine (when I haven’t)
This morning I walked maybe half a leisurely mile and after about 10 mins I began to drag, at some point I was so tired my knee buckled but I didn’t fall. Now I feel exhausted and drugged and that will most likely last 6-10 hours.
I tried eating and drinking better and it does help on the non exhaustion days (my good days) but has no effect on the really bad days.  I can’t exercise on those days since just a quick mellow walk has me shaking and weak.
I finally called my Weight Loss Surgery doctor’s office today asking them order blood work to confirm what I suspect.  If it is vitamin D and B12 deficiencies it will be easy enough to recover from in the next month.
I am just hoping it is not anemia as that can take months to heal and involves iron transfusions but then I have never heard of it turning on and off the way this has been for the last 5 weeks.
Anyway I won’t hear from them til tomorrow as to what tests they can try.
Let’s just hope that it is vitamin deficiency and can be corrected simply.


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