Every fall

Why does money always get so sickeningly tight right around Oct? Something weird always comes up that keeps me from going crazy on cool Gothic Halloween items.
Thankfully I really haven’t seen much I want of Halloween stuff, Target which is usually Halloween home goods lust central really fell down on the job this year, I just haven’t found much I want and we have agreed I won’t be making $100+ worth of candy and crafts for the holidays (better for my pocketbook, stress level and everyone’s health) and we will be cutting way back on gifts, thankfully we only really need them for 3 people and I have half of those already along with cards.
I already have more than half the food for my birthday in the freezer and my friend is hosting the party which we figured out will save us about $100.
Alex and I are buying a single larger gift for the house on layaway and my birthday present is also on layaway.
All of it will work out but it is frustrating.


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