So much to do and no energy

Anyone ever get extraordinary exhaustion at random after physical exertion? Not every time just enough to worry?  Oh and you felt fine while exercising but got completely wiped out about an hour later for the next 5 to 8 hours?  Dizzy, exhausted, aching all over?
Yep that is what I get once in a while but recently it has been more often, in fact twice this last week.
I no longer believe the diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome I got last year, I believe it is long term gluten intolerance but the one symptom that made them think it was CFS was post exertional malaise.  But then I also have Orthostatic hypotention meaning I don’t always absorb enough oxygen especially upon standing which is a telling fact.
I found this article on You and Improved that made me think that despite most likely not having CFS I do need to follow this advice about eating before and after exercise and keeping better hydrated.
Also with my altered anatomy I am convinced this article is right on and better planning of food and drink will help.

Right now I am attempting to rehydrate and get protein and carbs in me…oh yeah and that sugar binge I had? Yep right after a bout of post exertion malaise and today I was craving sweets to the point of freaking out, it ends up that dehydration can cause severe sugar cravings.
It wouldn’t drive me so insane to be this tired and shaky, or even to have this damn headache if I didn’t have a small get together Friday night and weekend guests coming and a house to clean.
To be honest all that NEEDS doing is to keep up with the dishes (not even a full load yet)
clean off the couches and tables of moderate clutter in the front room,
make the harem couch up (a twin size bed tucked in a corner full of fancy pillows over an ornate comforter)
Clear off the bathroom vanity
Clear off my art table (if I wanted to be lazy it could all go in a bin to be sorted later…actually so could the stuff on the vanity)
And fold the drafting table up.
Buy toilet paper.
BUT…my mind tells me there are dozens of things that NEED doing desperately.

OK here is my too do list from ColorNote, I will check the things that absolutely have to be done by Friday afternoon (most everything else is actually already clean I just think they should be Cleaner!

[√] Clear bathroom vanity
[ ] Scrub vanity/sink with bleach cleaner
[ ] Wash bathtub, bleach grout
[ ] Clean toilet
[√] Get toilet paper
[ ] Mop floor with bleach
[ ] Wash mirror
[√] Make harem bed
[√] Clear off couches friday
[√] Move blue chair
[√] Fold up tables put away friday
[ ] Vacuum
[ ] Organize bakers rack
[ ] Organize storage containers
[√] Wash dishes Friday and Saturday
[√] Clean counters after cooking Friday
[√] Sweep Saturday
[ ] Mop Saturday (Only if someone spills on Friday)
[ ] **ART ROOM**
[√] Clean off table
[√] Fold up drafting table Friday
[ ] Vacuum
[ ] Hang curtain over closet alcove
[ ] Make pads into extra bed Saturday
[√] Put bedding out Saturday
[ ] Fold out futon Saturday

Sigh, OK those things I bolded get done FIRST, and if I can’t get to the rest I Will forgive myself


One thought on “So much to do and no energy

  1. trinaxxl says:

    11 pm Oct 16: Dish washer unloaded then loaded halfway full
    Crockpot scrubbed and soaking
    Vanity cleared off and scrubbed down
    Kitchen counters cleaned
    Load of laundry going into the dryer now

    Not bad for feeling sickly, hoping to feel much better tomorrow after a night of major hydration and protein in the morning before walking.

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