Yay for saving change and getting a coffee maker

Confession…I spend $1-$3 a day on TO-GO coffee, not even decent sit down and enjoy coffee, just quick gas station or drive through coffee.
And yes I am sort of embarrassed by that fact when I think of what we could do with another say $50 a month so I decided to get this coffee maker as an early birthday present for myself since if I even save $1.50 a day between now and my birthday (53 days away) I will have paid for this 3x over.


Also it is harder to resist impulse candy purchases when going to the gas station for coffee than it is when I am at a grocery store…if I save even $5 a week on sugary purchases I won’t just be healthier but $30 richer by my birthday.
I posted on here last month about making a change bank from a painted jar and I saved over $1 a day so I paid for this new gadget with just the change I had saved in the last 18 days (the coinstar plus more change I didn’t add to it)
I am saving up again til my birthday Dec 7th so I should have more I hope.  I may put it towards an Amazon gift card via coinstar because 10.9% service charge is too much to spend so unless it is going on a gift card for no counting fee I am going to roll my change and take it to the bank next time.
My goal in the next 53 days is to save $75.


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