Random thoughts about thoughts and feelings

Too many people shy away from all feelings beyond passion and joy those are the only ones they accept as valid, this is why so many people suffer and never create anything. They live in terror of pain, of sorrow of even just quite both in themselves and in the world around them, they can not just live through the experience of feeling, of being, of thinking thoughts that do not instantly feed the need for boundless joy. This is why so many relationships falter as time goes by, those moments of chemically induced infatuation will fade, if you are lucky and can accept the change it will grow into healthy relationship where moments of silence carry no stigma and laughter abounds.
As a person you need to accept that everything you feel is valid, maybe it is not all in your best interest but valid as a feeling none the less.  Accept that you have a right to feel down, feel sad, feel empty or even just content. Allow yourself to feel it fully, to experience the nuances of the feelings you have and allow yourself to move on to the next emotion, next thought, next experience without shame.  Recognize that not every thought you have will be golden, some will be confused, chaotic, and even hurtful, recognize them as what they are and choose to move forward instead of dwelling on the shame of having had such thoughts and feelings.  Not every thought will benefit you but you can learn from them, learn how to think more clearly, learn to change the thoughts that poison your life by accepting that you have them, letting them go without self recrimination and choosing to actively think more clearly.
Experience the moment you are in as completely as you can so that you do not dwell on the past or fear the future.
If more people willingly experienced themselves as fully as that then possibly they could find that creative place in themselves that so many people have buried deep.  Not all creative expression is art, sometimes it is just living a full and varied life.


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