Sleepy girl is sleepy beyond all reason

So tired, woke up pretty much exhausted but went walking for 45 minutes this morning and worked at grandma’s house for an hour and cut up and baked some food here until noon or so then had an epic energy crash. Could barely move even when it became obvious the furnace pilot light was out and I had to take Alex out and show him how to fix it.
I had about 14 oz of coffee this morning and I don’t feel sick just tired and I can’t stop yawning.
SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) usually builds over days and this last 4 days was crazy busy so I am hoping this is my body saying “if you keep not eating right and not sleeping enough I can at least make you sleep, so there.”  Sometimes I forget I still have other health issues and my body tends to get its way when I push it too long.
I also decided that weaning by trying to eat less simple sugars isn’t working. I am going to buy some light syrup canned peaches I can nibble on (after rinsing them) and cut simple sugar out cold turkey and use peaches and applesauce to wean myself off of the need for sweets.  My body doesn’t react well with fiber so I hope this helps as I need to be off of it by Friday morning as we have weekend guests.
Now if I can just catch up on my sleep and feel better.
I wouldn’t mind a nap but this is the kind where even after an hour your exhausted but can’t stay asleep.
Oh well we will see how I feel later, maybe a hot soak, a lot of water, some dinner and another nap are all I need to feel more awake in a little while.


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