Supination and learning to walk properly after 15 yrs

Changing my gait (the way I walk) working to not limp or shuffle like I have for over 10 years and learning to land my feet differently is actually quite painful. 
I am Not complaining, just observing a fact.  It seems strange that I am hurting so much tonight because I have lately been walking twice the distance I walked today but over the last 2 days I have been stretching and exercising different muscles and making an intentional effort to walk differently and I hurt from mid calf through my knee to mid thigh instead of just mid calf like the last 2 weeks.
Learning to walk right…I would say “again” but I haven’t walked properly in 20 years or more is not as easy as it would seem.  After I got to above 300 pounds I didn’t waddle much but my feet became flat and very wide and turned out quite a bit and as my arthritis got worse over the last 14 years my gait got more and more clumsy.
I am now learning to stand straight and “walk tall”, even step without letting my feet supinate (roll to the outside as they do if I let them)
It is surprising how hard it is to change something like that.
My leg bones and knee joints are perfectly aligned and exactly where they are supposed to be but the muscles and tendons are still weak and not as well stretched as they should be.
Good news is it is partly from my surgery which #1 straightening my foot which used to turn outward at a pretty serious angle and #2 adjusted my gait and because of minor complications I haven’t been walking as evenly as I should or been able to build up or stretch the muscles to compensate for the altered alignment of my feet.
Also because I lost more weight with the recovery from surgery my foot is actually smaller and thinner now than before surgery (a men’s size 7-8regular (and the rare 7 wide in boots) and women’s 9-9.5wide) and my shoes were way too big so my foot slid all over since I was still wearing a pair of men’s size 8 extra wide skate shoes.
I sold our mead making set to some friends (we never would have made 5 gallons of honey wine) and bought a men’s size 8 slender slip ons with a sturdy sole that doesn’t allow my foot to slide to the outside (these 8s fit the same as a lot of the 7.5s I tried) I also bought a second pair of fitted men’s size 7 wide work boots I really love on clearance (they resemble combat boots)
For years my feet were so wide from all that weight pressing down on them that I wore extra wide shoes that were on average 2 sizes bigger than my were so as my feet slid all over the place my gait got worse.
Now I am making a concerted effort to be aware of how I stand, how I carry myself and how I land each step.
Of I keep it up and keep doing these stretches I should be walking strong and even by December which will be a nice birthday present.


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