Living an intentional life

Honey vanilla lotion on freshly washed skin, a soft mix of birch, pine, cinnamon and vanilla scents fills the air (it took a while to get the mix of waxes right but it is so worth it) soft vocals and beautiful music.
I am working on being more aware of my surroundings, of what I put in my body and mind, of the things that enrich my life by making me enjoy life more.
I hope by living in the moment I can release obsessive thoughts and cravings for things that are bad for me that I use to fill some addiction while on auto pilot.  Many times I give into my addictions (sugar and negative thoughts) without thinking about it, without allowing myself to enjoy other things because I am filling my body and mind with unhealthy and unhelpful things.
Time to feel more than just the pain, the hunger and the negativity, time to embrace enjoyment that doesn’t involve blindly consuming sugar, time to live with a more positive focus.
So I am aking a big glass of hot milky herb tea with some SF Pumpkin Pie syrup, cooking a healthy quiche and shutting the windows and turning on the heat and climbing in my comfy warm bed with Poe Kitty purring like a little twittery bird in the corner and jazz on songza for the next 40 mins while I read
Then I am turning off the oven and going back to bed for a nap so that I feel good enough to start cleaning and organizing the art room this evening as I deserve to feel comfortable in all the reaches of my home and especially where I want to be able to create.
Then Alex comes home for a 4 day weekend and we can relax between getting things organized this weekend.
I plan to take plenty of time to just enjoy being with Alex, enjoy the moments we have together and the luxury of extra time alone.
Often it is the little moments between the bigger events of your life are what really matter and we should learn to give them as much attention.


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