I have said this before, maybe I should listen this time

I binged on sugar last night, not “ate a bit too much” but BINGED….as I put another taffy in my mouth I honestly thought “I hope I don’t get sick in bed“…then ate another.
The entire bag is gone in 24 hours, I feel sick, tired and have no energy, all I want to do is sleep and I have too much to do to let that happen. 
I couldn’t stop thinking of the candy in the freezer early this morning, despite my feet hurting like hell I got up more than once and grabbed pieces. I even had Alex bring me a candy bar on his way home from work last night, then ate more taffy.
I am scared at my ability to think of the consequences while shoving sugar in my mouth and still not stop doing it if it is there.
I realize that it really is time to get it under control, weaning myself off of it slowly doesn’t work at all. It is time to call a moratorium on sugar and just NOT have it at all, cold turkey is hell but it works best.
I passed up buying a candy bar I wanted today, first step I guess.
I am still working on not complaining and I hope to keep it up through this.


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