Such silly guilt

My Doctor’s Surgical-PA Nik told me: “Even with your set backs and injuries you are actually well ahead of where most of our patients ate at 10 weeks.  You are healing amazingly well and need to give yourself time.”
He also told me that the left knee had been in much worse shape than the right so they had to do more extensive surgery than they did on the right one which was done in April.  And that it should take longer to heal to the point it stops hurting as much but that it is doing really good.  Also that the pain in my feet and ankles is normal and may last quite a while as my body adjusts to new alignment.
So why is it so hard to not feel so disappointed and sort of like I failed when simple house keeping chores wipe me out and cause such pain?
I really have to get over feeling guilt for not doing as much as I want despite being able to now do more even with healing legs than I have been able to do at anytime in the last 15+ years.
I will just keep reminding myself I deserve time to recover and that someday it will be easier by far.


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