Stiff but good

I walked so much yesterday, probably 4 miles just shopping because I kept forgetting things then going back half the store to get it.
I also walked a lot today but maybe a 1/3rd as much but it has been a long busy day that included taking grandma to chemo this morning.
I must be getting better because I really don’t hurt much even now. I still have mildly achy feet and muscles but my knee and even the damn bone bruise of doom (Alex thinks it might be a fracture) don’t really hurt as much as I thought they would.
I am very stiff…BUT it is the kind of stiff that comes from really using your muscles as they are still trying to get stronger, not a horrible stiff or even a serious pain, just my muscles saying “if we did this more we wouldn’t hurt”
The knees ache but that is all and no more than to be expected as those resectioned muscles and tendons also need to strengthen up.
Over all I am doing really good and I finally honestly believe that I am truly getting better every day. I hope after a hot bath I will be in the physical mood to keep up with my mental motivation to do some baking.

NOTE I tried to let my body dictate me resting tonight because it was so tired from so much exercise. I wasn’t going to do anything bit rest.
Yeah, ummmmm no.
I rested …then I did dishes…rested…did a load of laundry..rested…made filler for mushrooms…rested..did another load of laundry, stuffed mushrooms and made a casserole…forgot to rest…baked mushrooms…

Laid down and was hit with spasms like mad, legs trying to jitterbug without the rest of me.
Body wins every time

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