Sometimes you let the body win

OK, body wins the let’s make bread and cook stuff argument for now only because the timing of the steps of rising the bread actually matter and I almost dozed off in the tub and stumbled on the way to my room.
I WANT TO DO MORE, I really do but there comes the point where you listen to your body when it gets insistent and you gracefully accept that you can’t always “push through the pain” after all if you want to keep moving forward in the long run.
So one quick and very careful trip to grab a big glass of hot herb tea and a cheese stick and back to bed damn it. Going to use the coffee pot to brew hot water and make a big pot of sweet and spicy decaf tea to drink on tonight as it is both soothing and rehydrating.
It looks like baking and cleaning are on hold until tomorrow but that is better than pushing myself and my burning muscles and screaming feet for two hours tonight and not being able to do anything for days.
Sometimes your body gets to be boss.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes you let the body win

  1. lauramacky says:

    Well I won’t be far behind you. My doc appt is Nov 4th to talk to him about scheduling my left knee!

    • trinaxxl says:

      I hope it goes well…every problem I have had has been secondary injuries like shutting the door on my shin or stepping wrong. Just bad luck but now the knee itself is catching up with where it should be with healing. So watch out for skate ramps in punk clubs and shutting cop car doors on yourself.
      Wow my life sounds much more interesting than it is….lol

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