Positive things list for Oct 1 2013

Today was not a good day, drama, pain and other issues abounded but they are not good things to focus on, so instead here are a few good things that happened.

I got a cool 20oz coffee tumbler for $1.50.
I went to coffee with Alex and got some craft stuff organized.
We were able to help grandma with an errand.
I was able to help a friend with a errand that involved a health concern that ended up not being as big a deal as it could have been.
I made a decision to not vend my crafts at an event that would put too much of a physical and emotional strain on me.
I figured out a different costume to wear that is much more comfortable, easy to move in and pretty cheap with parts I would use again.
I did the dishes.
My pain was pretty well managed on very little pain meds all day (1 tramadol and 2 Tylenol at 10 AM lasted til 9pm) and my legs didn’t start spasming as early as they have been lately which is a very good sign.
And finally I decided to make major changes in how I think and behave, researched ways to implement those changes and actively began working on not complaining and thinking more positively

After this I most likely will end up doing these lists in groups, listing each day in a notepad program until I have 4 or 5 at least then post them here at least for this month.


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