Protein to help break the sugar terrors

As of now no more buying sweets, no more sugar for a very long time.
I have this feeling of bone deep terror that my body feels at the idea of no longer eating candy everyday has to end and cold turkey is it. Every time I think I must control this my guts tighten up as if facing the wrong end of a gun in the hands of an angry drunk. 
Right now it is everything I can do not to get my shoes on, head out into the evening and go to the store with my last few bucks and buy a box of Hot Tamales and a Big Hunk bar despite already having had too much sugar and not enough protein today.
Payday is in a few days, I will be stocking up on protein rich food in the hopes of controlling this sickening sugar addiction. I plan to keep food ready, small bricks of different cheeses, roasted chicken, some carrots, homemade chili….anything that might head off the gut clenching feeling I get as the night goes on and my body demands to be fed sugar.
Hopefully eating more food that is high in protein and healthy fats will help control the blood sugar drop that is making this so much worse, also I am going to try reducing my Tramadol to 1 in the morning and one at night because it effects serotonin levels which can cause mood swings, restless painful legs and…you guessed it… sugar cravings.

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