The Carb addiction cycle must be broken

I want to cry, I feel out of control and damn it I don’t like it one bit!
I did not get my guts rearranged and my knees done so I can keep eating stuff my mind wants and my body hates.  Stuff I KNOW will make me sick.  Time to get serious, I just sat in my kitchen trying to find something sweet to eat…feeling desperate even.
Hell I don’t even LIKE store brand corn/rice hexigrains and I couldn’t stop eating them til they were making me sick to my stomach (admittedly that is maybe a regular sized dry bowl full for me…3 oz by weight)
Not exactly the worse I have done in my life food wise or even since weight loss surgery but it was that feeling of desperation that has me scared.
Time to break the cycle, all the carbs I can get into (I won’t eat gluten as I am not desperate enough to hurt for a week) are going away. Thankfully I don’t crave pasta or rice and bread isn’t a big thing for me unless I bake it so I won’t be making bread after all this season I guess.
No more cereal as Alex doesn’t eat it, no more snack or candy, I can’t just cut back for me it is all or nothing…and so it has to be nothing.

The Carb Addiction Cycle is:
Cravings>>>Eat Carbs>>>High Blood Sugar>>>Insulin Release (stimulates serotonin/feel good chemicals)>>>Increases Body Fat Storage>>>Low Blood Sugar>>>Cravings>>>>REPEAT OVER AND OVER


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