Laugh or cry

The stuff going on with my left leg is taking on near comedic proportions due to the sheer magnitude of stupid things that have happened.
Better to laugh than cry….right?

1. Nerve block wore off early
2. Pain meds didn’t take during the first 5 hours.
3. Couldn’t do therapy at first due to pain
4. Over did therapy day 4 and caused massive swelling/pain for a week
5. Over did at home and got shin splints
6. Fell and in twisting to keep from shattering my knee I split sutures and have a huge hemetoma and made the nearly healed shin splints worse
7. Got Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome on my ankle had to wait a week to exercise
8. Had big metal car door shut on my shin, huge bruise
9. Upon starting exercising again I hurt my ankle And knee again.

Should I make a cast of bubble wrap or is it too late by now?

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