I am making a penny bank (or…No credit is as annoying as bad credit)

I hate Walmart’s politics but who the fuck else has Lay Away even for 3 months these days?
We have no/little credit (partly because we paid all our outstanding debts off) and can’t even apply anymore without screwing it up more and because of Boost mobile refusing to give us back over $120 we don’t have the money we were counting on to get a few simple things.
LOL want to know what I want for my birthday?
Just fill up my change bank so I can get glasses that actually fit and don’t give me a headache…and no there are no Eyeglass places that will take payments without credit.
Somehow I don’t think the hightop shoe bank I want will cut it.
I am going to check out one of my painted bottles, cut a slot in the lid and glue it shut with tacky glue so I have to soak it to open it….probably the only way I can actually save it without spending it.
I think for all of October I will put the money I have otherwise been spending on to go coffee in the morning and sweets in the bank and see how I do. Sad to admit it will probably be around $20+ a week and I can always make my own coffee and for that matter Decaf for mom since she hates most to go coffee. And I really need to get this sugar addiction under control.

So I took one of these jars I painted last year


And using clear acrylic medium lined it with torn up pages from an old broken dictionary


I cut into the lid and pained it green (green seems fitting) and as soon as it is totally dry and I glue it shut it will be my new bank


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