Pretty much the best definition of me as a person… It is raining buckets and on the street outside our house and across the way are the storm drains, which because we are at the low spot everything collects on and the road floods.
So I take off my long black skirt, walk out in shirt and shorts and put up my black, silver and red glitter umbrella and drag our garbage can off of the drain then bend over still holding the umbrella over my head but apparently not my backside and begin digging my bare hand into the rotten leaves and muck to get it to drain down the grate (if it doesn’t it floods all over)….then I go across the street and repeat this with an even nastier drain (I clean ours each time when it rains like that)
So yes I am a girly girl who wears long skirts and carries a glittery umbrella but I am not afraid to dig my bare hands into the muck and mire and do what needs doing for myself and the greater good if need be…then I go dry off and see how badly I ruined my nails and fix them as well.


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