9 day to-do list (of doom)

Ok maybe not DOOM bit sometimes I look at what needs doing, what has fallen behind as I was recovering (still recovering actually) and I get so stressed out.  Most of my life I have little control over right now like my grandma’s health but if I could just organize the house better I would at least feel as if I had some control here. There is so freaking much to do both socially over  the next few days and for the house this next week or so. 
Sadly I also have a busy hubby who works long and inconvenient hours and a body that doesn’t want any part of it. Mostly it is this messed up ankle and foot actually, my knees are doing pretty good until late night if not as strong as I would like partly because the damaged ankle makes walking or biking difficult. 
Really it is the not being able to sleep because of the ankle and night spasms/knee pain unless I am doped to the gills that is not helping my energy or motivation any.

I know other people’s to-do lists are boring but by posting them here I hold myself accountable.

Socially the next three days are insane despite it all being things I really want to do and just hope I will have energy for.
Saturday from 6pm to 8pm is the Gothic Graveyard photo shoot (dress up and join us at Morris Hill Cemetery)  then some family stuff. (I actually just let everyone know I can’t make it because of my knee and ankle)
Sunday Alex has an afternoon game in Nampa (about a 25 min drive each way) til 5 and we both (hopefully) have a 6:30 game near our house that I will have to leave at 9pm to go set up to vend jewelry at Nocturnum (our Goth night) thankfully I should have everything ready to go on display quickly.
Monday evening I meet up with a friend I seldom get to see for coffee and then we are going to an 80s-90s music night that a friend is hosting at Liquid, a bar downtown, not far from my home.

Then the things I desperately wish to get done in the house in the next week+ are mostly based around getting it organized so it is easier to maintain and easier to do my crafts.
I am going to try to not make my ankle worse by overdoing things so with help from hubby Alex and possibly my mom I plan to do a lot of the sorting of stuff sitting and when I can’t I will do 15 mins of work on my feet then rest with this stupid ankle up.

So my TO-DO chores list from Friday Sept 20th to Sunday Sept 29th  looks like this:

#1. Move rolling storage carts off of my craft/sewing table and organize them in a way that eventually we might get a small futon or something similar in there permanently
*Until then figure out best way to set up a place for guests to sleep without the bedding tripping me.
#2 Sort my book cases so that I can have more books on the shelves
*Find a better way to store pens, pencils, and crayons that are taking up shelf space.
#3 Sort through books that are scattered around the house
*Separate by type and decide which to keep, store or give away.
*Figure out where to put them on the shelves
#4 Clean off the other tables:
*Store one printer until we get ink
*Move other printer
*Put away art supplies
*Organize shelves on top of the tables.
#5 Clean out the storage in the closet alcove to use it for sewing stuff from now on
*Put everything into other places instead of just a box
*Figure out how best to use the shelf on top of the rod
#6 Move large crockpot from hall linen cupboard floor to kitchen and store canvases and art travel cases there. (cases don’t fit)

#1 Clean up costume supplies, store on art room sewing table to be finished
#2 Put away anything that is still in bags
#3 organize the now ridiculous number of shoes, boots and slippers that live in the front room so that I stop tripping on them.
#4 clean off everything else from couches
*put blanket and pillows on to the harem couch and throws on the others.
#5 Vacuum
#6 Reorganize the shelves and our tables
*dust decor and shelves
*figure out how to better organize the shelves on Alex’s side of the couch that catch all the random stuff
*organize Alex’s computer table
*clean off my portable craft table
(I would say decorate for Halloween but no one would notice much difference from our daily decor)

#1 General Cleaning
*bleach mop every bit
*bleach the toilet (#%@¥£ hard water stains)
*scrub the tub with a mix of Dawn and Vinegar
#2 Clean and clear off the vanity
*remove everything from the vanity and give it a good scrubbing
*put away jewelry, hair clips and bobby pins
*put away anything that doesn’t belong in the bathroom
*change the wax in the melter
*put away makeup and beauty supplies
*organize the thing that belong there
#3 reorganize shelves over toilet
*put up towels and wash clothes


I know it is a lot when I have to also keep from over doing it and making things worse but it is driving me nuts so I gave myself 9 days to do all this and maybe more while still resting my ankle as much as I can.

Wish me luck


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