The trip towards the home stretch

I am so ready to not ache all the time, the thing is it feels the same as when you have driven cross country on a really bad drive and you drive across your state line and you know you are getting close but everything in your body is howling  “please pull over, please just for a few hours.”
Somehow you keep pushing on but at the same time every little ache and pain seems worse because you are so close to being able to shower off the grime and sleep in a real bed finally.
You know you have been more tired before, you know it has hurt worse in the past but as you reach that last 50miles it seems as if all the aches and pains are teasing you as much as the lights of your city.
I hope to be home free soon but I do know the recovery will take time even after I no longer ache every minute of every day I will be healing for at least another year or so.  That kind of healing will include occasional aches and pains as well as a tendency to get tired upon over doing things.
I am cresting the hills outside the valley I live in and I can see the light on the other side of the valley that means I will be there soon so no stopping now, it is truly time to get past the pain and work on getting stronger, and much healthier.

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