Costume in progress

Tonight we went to an early costume party and this is what I pulled together out of thrift store finds mostly along with a few clearance items.


I learned tonight some issues with this outfit and will fix it up before wearing it again.
The dark heavy satin skirt is getting changed out for a lighter colored lightweight silky skirt that will be cut high in the front to show off the combat style boots.
I am going to try to find a different top with at least some sleeves and some lace in either pink or white (back to the thrift store and a dye job if need be) and then incorporate the new top with the skirts to create a higher underbust Empire waistline because the lace over dress is very heavy and the train is 4 feet long when the waist line is at my actual waist.
The tights are horribly hot under the heavy satin underskirt but will be perfect in colder weather and with the lighter tricot (nightgown) material underskirt.
I also need to remember next time to put my bangs into curlers for a while and to do more dramatic eye makeup, silver and pink and a dark brownish red lipstick with pink glitter gloss over it.  I also need to buy at least one cheap bottle of pink shimmer polish for my nails.
I got the multiple skirt pieces for this at Restyle Thrift Store for $5 after donating a few things and getting a half price voucher. I thrn dyed it all with RIT DYE Wine color and then found the perfect really comfy (men’s size 7 light industry) work boots for $15 on clearance and hand dyed white tights to look smudgy grey and made the head piece out of sheer tulle strips and a tiny pink little kids tiara
I think by Halloween this should be a great princess costume. Now I just need to find lots of places to wear it to.
After Halloween I am going to try to redye the lace over skirt as well as the separate heavy satin underskirt a dark scarlet red so I can wear either of them, the under skirt by itself and the layered lace one over a light weight black skirt if I want to for Goth night.


This was the first phase tryout for Alex’s dragon man make up, I now know a better way but will need to invest another $7-$8 in black “eye shadow tattoo” make up so I don’t need to use so much setting spray to get the powder to stay


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