I have such great friends and family

I want to thank my beloved friends and family for not just their abundant support as I have faced first anxiety then pain with my knee replacement this last 7 months (the 2 leading up to the first one which was nearly 5 months ago) but also for  their understanding about my moods, my limitations and worst of all my crankiness from pain, hunger (but not being able to eat) and anxiety as well as the withdrawal symptoms of meds and as I try to reregulate the psyche and general health meds I allowed to slip from importance as I kept taking 2 different pain meds on a 2 hour schedule (4 hours each) so that for 6 weeks I never slept more than 2 hours.
I am fighting to get back to feeling sane and stable as well as healthy and you have all been so understanding.
I really want to believe that I am in the home stretch, before the end of this year I will not hurt so much and I will be restabilized on meds, food intake and exercise and feeling tons better and I promise it will be worth the wait as I will be able to be there for you all the way you have been there for me.

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