Birthday wishes 87 days in advance

My 45th birthday is 87 days away, 12.4 weeks from now.
These are my goals by then:
#1…I want to maintain my weight under 195 pounds (I am 183.6 right now but plan to add muscle)
#2…I want to be off all pain meds before the end of Sept 2013
#3…I want to be primarily pain free
#4…I want to be able to ride no less than 6 miles 3 times a week on the exercise bike at the Y and do other exercises 1 to 2 times a week as well
#5…I want to replenish my stock of jewelry making supplies and continue to vend jewelry and crafts on a more regular basis
#6…I want to organize my art room to the best advantage and set up a section of it for sewing
#6.5…I want to begin sewing again, so that I can achieve the wardrobe I desire and have put off getting as1st I was too big then as I lost weight.
#7…I want to completely organize our garage so that it is no longer simply totally random storage but is completely useable and weatherized.
#8…I want to do what it takes to help my family and friends be as happy as I can


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