Chemical feedback loop

I have a diagnosed condition called Orthostatic Hypotention: my brain sends confused signals to my body and so my heart doesn’t pump enough blood fast enough when I stand up and suddenly my ears pound, my brain swims in wet cotton and tumble vision gives me vertigo and for a short eternity it feels as if my heart is trying to fill up my entire chest and leaves no room for my lungs. When I stand and this happens it seems rather dramatic, I stumble, I grab onto things near me, I go very pale even for me and have to stand still for a moment.  Those people who don’t know that for a moment my brain sent the wrong chemical message to my body and because of it my brain is starved for a few seconds probably think I am a fucking drama queen
Sort of how people who don’t understand that depression is the brain sending confused chemical signals to the body and the body producing more chemicals in reaction to those signals as well as reacting with symptoms that include pain both emotional and physical.
So if people can understand that one form of reaction to a chemical misfire in the brain is “justifiable” why do people have such a hard time accepting that depression really is just a sustained series of chemical misfires that cause emotional as well as physical symptoms and that it isn’t a failing but instead a treatable condition? 


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