A month or 2 ago I had 1 sheer black skirt, one old red one in need of an honorable retirement and one purple velvet one that use to be s dress (and started life as a curtain panel) all of which I had when I was 463 and had taken in to the point of them no longer fitting right at all.
I have had amazing thrift and clearance luck lately and I now have about 10 more really great flowing long skirts (not made by me from sheets like my old huge ones)
There is only one problem:  8 of them are too big and need taking in at the waist. 
The thing is my waist is still much smaller than my hips (a size large to 1x waist and at least 2x hips) and because I want really comfortable and very flowing skirts, and because at $5 and under I kind of am more than willing to take the waist in 2 to 4 inches on 2x and 3x skirts.
I now need to get serious and fix the waist lines on 8 skirts. Mind you it will be worth it because over all it is a very simple fix, I love the skirts and I really need them.
I even bought two of one skirt and I have plans to alter one of them to make it very different but for $5 I couldn’t have bought even the fabric for it.
I am finally accepting this is the size I will probably stop losing at (185 to 200) and I will work hard to stay at this size if it is as low as my body chooses to go. 
Today I was 283, this means that from my high weight I have lost 280 pounds….2 average American women’s worth of weight. 
I also realize that I deserve to enjoy good clothing and if all it takes is 10 mins a skirt to have perfect fitting skirts then it is worth the effort because so am I.

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