New Bra Time

I didn’t lose much weight like last time I had my knee replaced but I lost inches….fuck, you can fix baggy clothing but I swear to all those gods other people believe in (and to Carl Sagan for good measure) that I will NEVER wear another bra that is so old or badly fitting that I have to sew it up and patch it….been there, done that.  I will wear a cheap ass  $13 Wally world bra for ever if need be but I spent so long being so big that my bras were $35 and shipping and I was so poor and had such low self esteem that I didn’t understand that I at least deserved to not wear a patched, stained and/or taken in/let out bra…I will buy my clothes at thrift stores but I will have a new bra when needed.

Sorry I just channeled Scarlet O’Hara for a second

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