I don’t feel like ME anymore these days

I can’t wait to be active without pain and pain meds, I don’t feel as if I am myself anymore lately, I apologize non stop for the stupidest things including for not feeling well to people who never asked for one and I am so sick of sleeping my days away.
I feel disconnected from the world and as soon as I can I need to be social again.
I am addicted to my cell phone because I spent so long in the rehab playing on it all day and now I am on it non stop.  I need to fix the art room back up so I can take in clothes that are too big for me but worth keeping, mostly skirts, I need to create more, do more, be involved and not feel separated by a cloud of medicine, exhaustion and pain.
Today I went to the Y and rode stationary bike for 15 mins…something I should have been doing all along but have slacked on. Then later I went to the store with my mom and walked maybe a quarter mile. I can’t wait until I don’t  need to use a martcart for anything short of an accident and I hope as I get stronger and more active I will be less likely to trip or fall because I will be stronger and without pain meds I will be more aware of things around me and more able to care for myself and eat right again.
I will be off even night time Norco as of Tuesday.  Tomorrow I start taking 5 mg every 6 hour instead of every 4.  Sunday and Monday I will only take them at night then as of Tuesday I am out.


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