If you are going to stress eat check the labels for stuff you are intolerant to first

My mom is amazing, she is given up her job to care for my grandma who has stage 4 cancer and as that job comes to QN end and grandma gets more easily upset about things due to pain and chemicals and chemo my mom becomes super upset and hyper stressed.
I try my damnedest to keep calm and not react negatively around her but I am also in pain, worried about the lump on my leg and medicated and sometimes when she over reacts to things like my pointing out what lane to be in I feel like a monster for upsetting her worse and sometimes it shows.  I could avoid her but I am the only person she has to vent to but because I can’t drive yet and there are so few people who can give me a ride anywhere I feel like a burden.  When she thinks I feel bad about her reactions she feels horrible like I am mad at her but I try to get it through to her that I just feel bad that I upset her….it is a vicious cycle
Today I found some 3.5 oz (king size) packs of Hershey’s cookies and cream candy bars for $0.59 and Alex loves them and I really don’t like them and yet after spending an hour with her in high stress mode I let myself use my stress as an excuse and ate one…..
Cookies and cream…cookies bits with wheat …wheat with gluten
Me with gluten intolerance…now me with itching and a sore throat.
I don’t blame my mom, I blame myself for allowing stress to be an excuse for eating junk food at all.


2 thoughts on “If you are going to stress eat check the labels for stuff you are intolerant to first

  1. LauraMacky says:

    I have the same issues with gluten and sugar too. I also eat when I’m in emotional and physical pain which it seems there is always one or the other. I’m good at putting on a mask though. I hope you feel better soon and I didn’t know about the lump. I’ve been a little inundated here and haven’t been reading the blogs like I usually do. Hugs

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