Thoughts on art, crafts and manners

I admit that art is my hobby, I don’t seek to make a living at it, the only reason I vend my art crafts and occasionally sell a painting is to pay for more supplies to support my art and the various craft stuff I enjoy doing.
For me it is nice to be told that my skills are worth what I ask for the finished product but I am very glad I don’t have to make my living as an artist as they receive so little respect it is pitiful.
Things not to do when looking at someone’s art piece or even a craft piece like jewelry or a coaster. (Well at least not to me)
Don’t say “I could make this.”
Don’t say “this is crap” to the artist or crafter, if you don’t like it don’t comment, unless you have put part of your own artistic soul a on display you will never know how fragile it can feel.
Don’t bitch and complain about the cost…if you can’t afford it that is one thing but there is a huge difference between saying “I love this piece, maybe you will have it next time when I am not broke” and saying “I can’t believe you are asking that much for that”
Just be polite, look at the work, even if you get ideas for your own work don’t go on about it just either walk away or find something nice you can say like “I love that shade of green you chose” 
Just remember even a crafter who makes plain knitted pot holders usually has some personal emotion and pride invested in their work…I don’t go into a grocery store and insult a stock person about how straight their shelves are lined out so I see no reason someone would come to part of my or any artist or crafters work (and when we exhibit or vend it is work) and be hateful.


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