I hate “taking it easy”

I need to recover from extra work all week, the fall on Saturday and hosting and pretty much doing half of everything for a baby shower for a visiting friend who I also hosted for the weekend with 3 other people.
I hurt so bad last night and this morning I could barely even get out of bed…so what do I do?  More than I should that’s for sure.
I just took down my earring holders
Moved the mesh material I use for barrettes over 6 inches.
Put up 2 metal grids for earrings, and put the mounts up for one more grid.
I hung up 2/5ths of my big earring collection.
I took one of the embroidered 5/7 piece I was using for earrings and put it up on another wall as one of 3 bobby pin holder.
And I did all of it standing the whole time after running around the house and garage to find the shelf grids and mounts during the 35 mins right before my norco was due.
Do my legs hurt?
Why yes they (and my back) do hurt actually.  You would think I would have stopped sooner but that implies I have much better judgement on that subject than I do.
Now it is time to lay down for at least an hour with my E-Stim machine on my leg.
What I need is to set a timer, then while I am recovering from the weekend set it for 10 mins every few hours and do as much as I can in that time then stop regardless of what still has to be done.
I wish I knew why it is just so hard for me to accept deep inside that if I keep going it will get worse and that if I don’t recover then I won’t even get that much done so better to force myself to go slow now.
Earlier I took leftover goodies from my friend Ginger’s baby shower over to Grandma and she was thrilled but told me to go back to bed considering the fall I took on Saturday and my stubbornly overdoing it Sunday. 
Who knows?
Maybe Grandma does knows best after all.


2 thoughts on “I hate “taking it easy”

  1. lauramacky says:

    I think we are related because I had that same issue. lol I’m planning on doing my other knee in December, one year after my previous one. Going to call the doctor tomorrow to set it up!

    • trinaxxl says:

      Do it hon, it was my best choice, I have been healing fine despite nearly falling and overdoing everything and I know in 6 months I will be kicking butt in the gym

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